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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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these would result in $350,000 savings to the city's general fund in 14-15. >> and ms. sue are you in agreement or still discuss something. >> we are still discussing. >> okay. colleagues any questions for mr. rose? ms. sue? all right. we will see you tomorrow. >> a teaser for tomorrow. >> there you go. >> i believe last we have -- we're going to do county education office and i believe ms. rosenfield is going to present or monique are you going to do it. >> supervisors we can talk about the county education office. we have do have a representative here and monique can walk through the report on the public education enrichment fund. >> okay. then we're going to call -- mr. clerk can you call
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item number nine. >> item number nine resolution approving the san francisco unified school district for the public enrichment fund for fiscal year 2013-2014. >> mr. chairman, members of the committee i am from the controller's office. as you know in the charter the public education enrichment fund was created in 2004. it does require that the controller on an annual basis review the plan for expenditure from both the first five children and families commission as well as for the san francisco unified school district. just to summarize the program a third of the funds goes to the first five commission, a third goes to san francisco unified school district for sports, library, arts and music and the final
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third goes to the school district for any general purpose. the allocation for the current budget year, $77 million is over the last couple of years we have pulled the trigger. that is the charter states if there say deficit of 100 million or more the city could opt to defer 25% of the allocation to both the school district and to the first five commission. although we did project a deficit of about $129 million for this budget year the mayor opted to fund the entirety of the allocation without pulling the trigger this year, so that is the first time in a number of years, so the children and families commission allocation is 25.7 million. i do want to point out there is a reserve of
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6.$6 million from prior funding in addition to this 25.7 million. the first five spending proposal does meet the requirements of the charter in terms of its intended use for preschool and the program reimburses for approximately 3500 children. for the unified school district the cash allocation is $47 million for this budget year. the charter allows a portion of what we call the third third to be provided in either cash or in kind services, so the in kind contribution for the budget year to the schools is just short of $4 million. those are services that are provided directly to the schools to school children and provided by city
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departments, so the total contribution by formula is 51.4 million. the in kind contribution is about 7.75%. it has been that amount over the last number of years. as the money goes up obviously the in kind value goes up proportionately. the school district's proposal does meet the conditions of the charter for how the funds are being spent is being spent for a series of programs, staff, equipment and professional development and the like, so again to summarize the value of the funding or the in kind services provided to the school district for this budget year, $47 million in direct appropriation in cash. about $4 million of in kind services
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and then additionally about $24 million is provided in services to the school district as well, so for example this morning you heard testimony from the museums that they allow school children to come in as part of it; the swimming pools and other services within the health department, so the city contributes over $75 million annually to the school district. and just to remind you that the charter also does require periodic evaluations and we will be conducting a comprehensive analysis of the outcomes of the programs before the program ends. it does sunset in this 14-15 year, and we will be doing evaluation of all of the outcome measures and the value of the
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program prior to the city deciding to put this back on the balet for reauthorization. >> one question for you. the reserve fund balance. can you talk about the rational of having a reserve fund balance there? >> well, the department has -- particularly in the downturn was always concerned about proposition 10 which is funded through tobacco tax and allocation for preschool for all that that would be going down to some extent. it did go down but not the amount that the department assumed, so there is -- and this reserve continues to grow, so a portion of the dollars allocated for this coming fiscal year, a portion of the 25.7 i am sure will always be set aside for future downturns or increase need. there was some expansion because they received 25% more money or
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they will be over the coming year because the trigger hasn't been pulled and there's about 75 additional slots. what the first five commission has been doing with a large portion of their funds from the program is enriching the existing slots providing more staff, providing more evaluation and that kind of thing. >> okay. >> so you have two resolutions before you approving the plan and the funds go through the dcyf budget which is why we consider this item together with maria sue's department. >> okay. supervisor mar. >> yeah. thank you. i just want to say since deputy superintendent young lee is here but i don't think we're open for public comment but i know the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 split done by
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brad benson when in supervisor ammiano's office and this is a good split and we had them talk about how preschool for all tremendous for all and using the money wisely and i want to use -- i think the acronym slam and arts and libraries and in kind support is really critical for the school district but also the community based groups that really benefit as well as the students in our school district, but i wanted to ask we pulled the trigger for many years and how much money was not funded to the school district and community based groups and the first five over the period of its life the past 10 years? do you know? >> i knew that number last year and we didn't calculate it this year -- >> is it about 70 million or something like that. >> i don't think it was that high. i think we pulled it three consecutive years. we
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will get back to you by tomorrow on that. >> can you comment i know reauthorization of prop h or the enrichment fund people are building a coalition to reauthorize it for next year but you could talk about that connection between that amount that was not distributed, and how that plays into the reauthorization? >> supervisor, we just have confirmed your numbers correct. $70 million in the several under the duration of the life. the charter speaks to this issue if it's not renewed by the voters that amount needs to be repaid by the city to the school district and first five within three years of the expiration of the measure so in essence it's deferred, it's forgiven if the measure is extended. if it's not extended it needs to be repaid. >> thank you. >> okay. colleagues any other
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questions? okay. at this point and time i think we're done through all of our departments. we do have another number of items left on the agenda today so why don't we take those up. mr. clerk can you please call item number four. >> item number four and administering the administrative code for the cultural arts fund and art funds. >> we have kate howard here from the mayor's budget office. >> supervisors, kate howard mayor's budget director. as you are aware this item creates special funds for certain arts related activities in the city and that's the primary focus of this piece of legislation. >> okay. colleagues any
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questions? comments? okay. we will keep this item on going. thank you very much. would you call item nine ready. mr. clerk can you call item number 11. >> i believe that we have item eight that we have not called. >> all right. please call item eight. >> item eight resolution approving expenditure from the incentive fund for one time purposes in fiscal year 2013 and 2014 and 2014 and 2015. >> ms. howard. >> thank you supervisor farrell. this item before you approves this expenditure from the budget fund. i think you're aware this fund was created in the administrative code and allows -- it is intended to encourage
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departments to generate savings in their operating budgets and to use those savings on one time expenditures. the items associated with this resolution are $16 million -- $16.7 million in the first year and this in the second year and our capital and it projects in the departments that are listed in the attachment including the asian art museum, the economy of sciences, the controller's office, da, elections, fine arts museum, fire department, juvenile, the sheriff and that is all. >> okay. colleagues any comments or questions on item eight? mr. rose do your report please. >> yes mr. chairman, members of the committee there is an attachment in our report on page four which identifies the projects. we recommend that you do approve this legislation.
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>> okay. thank you very much. colleagues any questions for mr. rose? okay. moving right along mr. clerk can you now call item 11. >> item 11 for stabilization reserve for 2013-2014. >> okay the sponsor left the building so we continue this to next thursday so if we could do that at the end of the meeting. could you pleads call item 13. >> item number 13 ordinance amending the administrative code to adjust the office of the medical examiner fees for providing certain documents and services. >> okay. do we have the medical examiner here? hi, how are you? >> good evening.
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>> good evening. >> yes. the fee that -- if i go forward -- >> please. >> the change in legislation is really intended to not increase the fees but instead corrective legislation that we're proposing to clean up redundant fees, clarify who can be charged the fees, and that's really what the legislation is about. >> okay. colleagues any questions? concerns? comments? okay thank you very much. we don't have a budget analyst report for this item. mr. clerk i believe we are done calling new items today. can we go through the continuances? >> item number 11 will be continued until june 27. the remainder of the agenda will be continued to tomorrow june 21. >> okay. colleagues --
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>> actually mr. chairman item number 11 is listed on tomorrow's agenda also for public comment so all items should be continued to june 21. >> okay. colleagues can i have a motion? without opposition. all right. mr. clerk do we have any other items? >> mr. completes the agenda for today. >> we are adjourned.
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test, test, test, test, test test >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance meeting for friday june 21st. that i'm supervisor mark farrell. i'm joined by other supervisors. i would like to thank the members of sftv who are covering
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this meeting as well as the clerk. clshg any announcements >> and completely silence any electronic devises. items acted upon today will be on the july agenda unless otherwise stated >> okay. today we have monthly our public comment for this year's budget. i want to make a few announcements. everyone in the public is going to have 2 minutes to speak. after comment and you do get to the microphone please exit the chambers for everyone to have seats. we have an overflow room. if you have disabled and need
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special accommodatess or if you have which were with you, please contact one of the steve's and we'll get you in front of the line. due to the number of speakers we'll not call the speaker cards. per standard meeting the first row is for the disabled. and to lee let you know the speaker cards in the chamber room and handed out about thirty minutes ago. first up today, we're going to start with a hearing around our department of children youth and the department head will be presenting. so mr. clerk with that being
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said call items one through 24. item number hearing on the potential implication of the families for the grant awards. item number 2 proposing all expenditures for departments of '71 of san francisco as of may for fiscal years june 30, '14 and 15 >> item number 3 the annual budget and the fiscal year is
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. the authority to make certain provisions. item number 10 the ordinance for administrative business to modify when the controller is to conduct varies program audits and this is regarding the cash fund item number 11 to increase
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the monthly fee to $39 per month. item number 12 section 8.14 to adjust the american fees. item number 13 ordinance of the administrative code librarian fees. next item to amend the grant fund. item number 15 to remove certain allocations. item number 16 ordinance amendment the fire code for the fire department services >> item number 17 to set partiality rates of public haelth. next item for for the consumer
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index and next testimony for the department of emergency management. item number 20 for the fund for the one time purposes for fiscal years >> item number 21 for the fiscal years 2014 and 15 for the human care services fund. item number 22 pravl the university school district for public education enrichment fund. item number 23 resolution proving the family commission expenditure fund for the enrichment fund. item number 24 for the fiscal years 2014 and 15 >> thank you mr. clerk. with that why not have maria for
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item number one and hearing our department of children youth for the 2013 award. i want to give supervisor mar and supervisor breed a chance to speak >> thank you we were here so long yesterday. we're very fortunate to have very active parents that advocated for dpaekz for the children fund and for the prop h. and other services in the city to try a make sure we maintain families and doing everything we can to prevent the flight of families from the city. i would expect another
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supervisor to come later. we have any funds for summer lunch programs to after school activities. the services are critical and it's a critical part of our safety nest. it gives support to children the opportunities that they need to grow and develop their potential. that's why it's critical we have a transparent process for the funds so that the voices and also the voices of community that have been the most underserved are a key part of the process as well. ms. sue i wanted to say we have tremendous needs but it varies
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by age and geographic and gender and orientation but especially income. i know you've provided maps. so i'm hoping this relative short meeting it, help us how the process works. so i think that supervisor breed has some comments >> thank you. i'll be brief. i want to thank maria sue. as a former director i understand the challenges that many of those nonprofit face. in particular we had programming money but unfortunately, because of the challenges we had to redirect funded to hire a case manager to help support the needs of the children.
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i think it's important 3 we make sure that each and every agency that's receives fund from d c wifi is held accountable. especially, if their organizations that are doing the work. the support that's received from a lot of this granted monies helps keep people employed. but my goal is to make sure that the programs are focused on children and i will not sacrifice children over employment's opportunity. so if a program is not doing what it should be doing then we need to make sure we're supporting those organizations that are. so i'm really excited about this hearing. of course, with the loss of a significant d c wifi funding i
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want to make sure that the programs that need funding the most and that serve the children in those districts receive what they needed in other words, to be effective. thank you very much >> thank you for being here. why don't we get going with your presentation >> good morning chair and members of the committee. i'm director for the department of families and children. it's my pleasure. i'm joined by my staff and others. and then our colleague laura who's the director of the first 5 commissions. today, we want to share with you - today, we want to answer some questions from supervisor mars
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office. since receiving those questions there's been more questions. we did not have time to formerly answer the questions in this presentation, however, through walk you through the slides you'll be able to perhaps receive some answers. i'm sorry those are the four questions that was sent to us. and in general it is about how was the process? similar to what you said and how do we insure are the children are and 43 res
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participated. we work effectively to deliver the best possible outcomes. as you can see this is building on what's working. we believe in continuity of services and second draw on the data to bring focus to the areas of greatest needs. we will continue to identify our urgent needs. we want to look at age and neighborhoods and risk factors. we were wanting to focus